The Most Embarrassing Thing to Forget

Forgetting someone’s name after being introduced to them is more embarrassing than forgetting a significant other’s birthday, according to new research. The survey of 2,000 Americans found 32 percent believe forgetting someone’s name is the most embarrassing blunder – more so than even forgetting a partner’s birthday (22 percent). Results found the average respondent draws a blank about six times a week – adding up to 332 forgetful moments per year.


Top forgetful moments experienced by Americans:


·        Forget a password: 51 percent

·        Forget things when I grocery shop: 51 percent

·        Misplace my keys: 49 percent

·        Forget what I went into a room for: 49 percent

·        Forget people’s names after being introduced: 47 percent

·        Have a word on the tip of my tongue and not remember what it is: 46 percent

·        Walk into a room and forget why I’m there: 38 percent

·        Forget where I put my pen: 35 percent

·        Forget what day it is: 35 percent

·        Forget to take a meal out to defrost: 35 percent

·        Misplace cell phone: 35 percent

·        Forget words to songs: 35 percent

·        Forget to mail something: 34 percent

·        Forget where the car was parked: 33 percent

·        Forget to respond to an email: 32 percent

·        Misplace my wallet: 31 percent

·        Forget my pin number(s): 29 percent

·        Forget what I’m searching for online: 29 percent

·        Forget to reply to texts: 28 percent