Daily Glass of Wine or Pint of Beer Boosts Brain Power in Middle-Aged and Elderly People

A daily glass of wine or pint of beer could help middle-aged and elderly people stave off dementia and maintain brain power, a study has claimed. Scientists said that eight alcoholic drinks a week for women and 15 for men can reduce the rate of cognitive decline, leading to better overall mental health, word recall and vocabulary. And even those who drink a smaller amount of alcohol each week could benefit, their results suggested.


In the study, scientists analyzed data from 19,887 people on their health and economic status from the US Health and Retirement Study. When the scores of the 6,010 low-to-moderate drinkers were compared to those of never-drinkers, scientists found the former was ‘significantly less likely’ to be suffering from declines in the four factors than the latter. Based on their results, they suggested drinking 12 alcoholic drinks a week to slow the reduction in cognitive function, 13 for mental status, ten for word recall and 14 for vocabulary.