Is It Safe To Let A Friend Or Family Member Use Your Bathroom Right Now?

The pandemic means many of us are having socially-distanced backyard hangouts this summer, but what happens if someone visiting your yard needs to use the restroom? Brian Labus with the University of Nevada says, “The real risk is from person-to-person interaction, so letting someone use your bathroom would not pose a major risk of disease exposure. It’s not a zero-risk situation, but the overall risk would be low compared to direct contact with the other person.”

Still, you have to consider certain things before deciding whether to allow someone in your home to use the bathroom. First, consider whether anyone that lives in your home has any underlying medical conditions, and whether exposure to the coronavirus could leave anyone at risk of serious illness or hospitalization. Next, make sure none of your guests have any symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath—and request anyone with these symptoms remain at home. Some final tips: designate a guest bathroom in your home if you can, make sure you clean the bathroom and put away anything you wouldn’t want to be touched or otherwise potentially exposed to virus particles, limit the time people can spend inside your home, request your guest sanitize the bathroom after using it, and leave them supplies to do so, require they wear a mask, and make sure you clean the bathroom thoroughly after the event as well.