Want More Sex? Compliment Your Spouse

Partners who feel appreciated by one another have a better bond in the bedroom, as gratitude motivates people to fulfil their partner’s sexual needs, a study suggested. Researchers from North Carolina performed a series of surveys exploring the nature of participating couples’ relationships and sexual bonds. The team found that expressing and receiving gratitude towards/from one’s partner – such as via compliments or treats – can keep help boost intimate relations.


In the first part of their study, they found that those people who agreed more strongly with such statements as ‘My partner often tells me the things that she or he really likes about me’ and ‘I appreciate my partner’ were more likely to want to fulfil their partner’s sexual needs. Next, the team found that changes in sexual communal strength improved over time with when couples felt and expressed gratitude towards each other. Finally, they found that the participants who were asked to write about an experience where they felt gratitude towards their partner – or felt that their partner was grateful for them – were more likely to report a stronger sexual bond than those who did not.