Signs Summer Is Here

Summer officially arrived over the weekend and the evidence is everywhere you look.  Here are The Top Signs Summer Is Here.


  • The kids are going outside to stare at their phones for hours at a time.
  • John Bolton’s mustache emerged from hibernation.
  • President Trump is using two hands to drink a glass of lemonade.
  • You gouged out your eyes after your husband tried on a mankini.
  • Kim Kardashian takes off all of her clothes for an Instagram selfie.  Sorry, that’s a sign it’s a day of the week.
  • White liberal celebrities are making videos, blaming themselves for the heat.
  • Everyone’s sharing Facebook memories of places they went back when we were actually allowed to go places.
  • Young women are wearing the latest three-piece bikinis: top, bottom, and mask.
  • It’s so hot that you just stepped in a puddle of Real Housewives.
  • Know how you never wear pants on Zoom?  Now it’s so hot, you also quit wearing shirts.
  • Instead of the basement bunker, Trump is “doing inspections” of the White House air conditioning system.
  • You just found a tick in your mullet.
  • A lot of bad quarantine tattoos are making their debuts.