Signs You Aren’t Meant for College

 Higher learning will look much different this fall, so some students are electing to take a gap year.  Perhaps some students should consider a much longer gap…

  • The only thing you got on your SAT was drool.
  • You’re a terrible test-taker.  Okay, except pregnancy tests.  You’ve aced those multiple times!
  • You graduated high school with a 4.0 . . . blood-alcohol level.
  • Your favorite summertime activity is licking toads.
  • You come from a long, proud line of people who like to ram their heads into things when they have a few beers in them.
  • You can’t have a roommate because you tend to sleepwalk . . . and sleep-murder.
  • Your SAT scores were negative.
  • You desperately want to go to Arizona State, but you’re deeply concerned that it’s not enough of a party school for you.
  • You just found out BA doesn’t stand for badass.
  • You like ping pong and beer separately but not together.
  • Every career test you take gives the same answer:  stripper.
  • The only book you read this year is Facebook.