This Is How Long the Average American Can Stand the Heat Before Finally Turning on AC

Nearly half of Americans wouldn’t date someone who didn’t have the same thermostat etiquette as them, according to new research. Thermostat etiquette is real, and according to a poll of 2,000 Americans, arguments over thermostats are serious enough that nearly one in four Americans have ended a friendship because of it. The study aimed to uncover just how serious Americans take temperature and discovered the average American says 69 degrees Fahrenheit is the perfect indoor temperature. But that doesn’t mean they’re turning their ACs on immediately once it warms up – as results showed it’s not an action they take lightly.

 As a testament to mankind’s hubris, 67% always think they can beat the heat just fine, but it’s never the case. According to the survey, Americans will torture themselves through five sleepless, sweaty, excruciating nights before finally turning on their AC. It’s a game for a lot of people. Fifty-five percent of respondents said they feel “defeated” when they finally have to turn their AC on. One in seven brave souls will put up with the summer heat until August before finally turning their AC on for the year.