How Many of These Unpopular Opinions Do You Agree With?

When it comes to pointless opinions, are you in the majority, or the minority?  Someone asked people to choose whether they agree or disagree with a bunch of random, controversial statements.  How many of these do you agree with?


1.  Cold weather is better than warm weather.  37% agree.

2.  Nickelback is actually a pretty good band.  48% agree.

3.  The show “Friends” is overrated.  37% agree.

4.  Tomatoes are bad and ruin sandwiches.  35% agree.

5.  Putting a period at the end of a text makes it seem more aggressive.  51% agree. 

6.  Orange juice is better with pulp.  41% agree.

7.  Making the bed is a pointless chore.  48% agree.

8.  The letter “Q” isn’t necessary, and should be removed from the alphabet.  23% agree.