These Are the Signs You’re Becoming Your Father

You start becoming your father at age 37, according to a new poll. Not only that, but 68 percent of those surveyed said they feel more like their father with every passing year. Thirty-seven percent said they take grilling very seriously because of their dad, while one in three (35 percent) said they get their handy skills from them. Twenty-two percent mute commercials on TV because of their father, one in four grunts when getting off the couch now and another one in four said they fall asleep on the couch with the game on – just like dad.


Top traits we got from our dad:


1.   Take grilling very seriously: 37 percent

2.   Repair things instead of buy them new: 35 percent

3.   Get really into corny jokes: 28 percent

4.   Tell your kids to ask their mother: 26 percent

5.   Falling asleep on the couch with the game on: 25 percent

6.   Grunt when I get off the couch: 25 percent

7.   Mute commercials: 22 percent

8.   Love to mow the lawn: 22 percent

9.   Don’t like when people touch the thermostat: 21 percent

10. Finish everyone else’s plate at a restaurant: 18 percent