Five Little Things That Boost Our Confidence, and Five That Crush It

It’s amazing how easily our self-esteem can get a boost . . . and how quickly we can come crashing back to Earth.  A survey of 2,000 people looked at the top appearance-based things that can boost your confidence, and the top things that can crush it.


 The top five things that give us a confidence boost are . . .


1.  Clear skin.

2.  Losing a little weight.

3.  Newly washed hair that doesn’t feel greasy.

4.  Having well-rested eyes.

5.  Having a tan.



The top five things that CRUSH our confidence are . . .


1.  Putting on weight.

2.  Dark circles under your eyes.

3.  Dry skin.

4.  Acne.

5.  Noticing new wrinkles.