WarnerMedia has received a good deal of ribbing for naming their new streaming service HBO Max, not only because the platform features much more than just HBO content, but also because two other streaming services with “HBO” in the name already existed.

WarnerMedia is attempting to clear up confusion themselves by “sunsetting” HBO Go and rebranding HBO Now as, simply, HBO. The HBO Go app will be removed from platforms on July 31. In other words: HBO Go is HBO Gone, and HBO Now is just HBO, now. Still confused? We don’t blame you.


  • Is there one that doesn’t show “Ballers”?
  • Do I get those with my Amazon Prime subscription?
  • Can’t I just have my grandkids figure it out
  • Which one has a version of Game of Thrones with a proper ending?
  • Is there something called HBO WTF?
  • Do any of these come with my purchase of a television?
  • Is there some surefire way to avoid the movie Cats?
  • What do I do with my rabbit ears?
  • Can I go back to paying $15 to see a movie in a theater?
  • Would it be OK if I just stole my neighbor’s cable?
  • Why the heck isn’t there anything good on?