Acting Spontaneously Might Be the Key to Happiness

The average American makes 6,709 spontaneous decisions every year, according to new research. A brand-new survey of 2,000 American respondents found, when including decisions such as getting coffee, trying a new lunch place, taking a nap and the like, the average American will act spontaneously about 18 times per day. And is acting spontaneously the key to happiness? According to this survey, it may very well be.

 The study found those who considered themselves a “spontaneous person” were 40 percent more likely to consider themselves a “happy person.” Not only that, but they were also 38 percent more likely to feel content and satisfied with their life. Interestingly, most Americans do consider themselves quite spontaneous, as only about one in six did not think of themselves as such. But including those respondents, 72 percent said they feel happier after they act spontaneously in some way.

 Beyond happiness, 59 percent of those polled said that they’ve made a giant spontaneous decision in their past. Some of those decisions included booking a last-minute flight to Europe, suddenly switching careers, adopting a red-tagged dog, moving to a brand-new country and even ending a marriage. Over half of those surveyed (56 percent) said they’ve gone on a spontaneous trip in the past five years, with nearly all of them (88 percent) saying they felt happier as a result.