Perks of Being James Bond’s Kid

Rumor has it that in the next James Bond flick, 007 will be father to a 5-year old girl. Being the daughter of a man with a license to kill probably comes with a few advantages…

  • Being picked up from school in a bulletproof Aston Martin
  • Every few years, you get a brand-new actor to raise you!
  • Your infant formula is always shaken, not stirred
  • That underwater jet pack is the hit of “Show & Tell” day
  • You move a lot, but it’s to places like St. Moritz, Macao, and Monte Carlo
  • Uncle Q always gives you the BEST toys!
  • If there’s a monster under your bed, your dad blasts it with his Walther PPK
  • As a civil servant, he gets a generous pension
  • When you introduce yourself on the first day of school, you get to do that “The name’s Bond” thing
  • Who else’s dad has been with Teri Hatcher, Denise Richards AND Halle Berry?
  • Sometimes he lets you play with the bagpipe flamethrower
  • His “birds and bees” talk is EPIC!