The 11 Words Most Commonly Misspelled in Google

The 11 words most commonly misspelled in Google searches have been revealed – and they are less complicated than you might think. ‘Separate’ is the word most frequently entered incorrectly into the search engine, with the misspelling ‘seperate’ entered 92,000 times in the last month alone. ‘Questionnaire’ appears at number three on the list with ‘potato’ – often wrongly spelled with an extra ‘e’ on the end – in fourth. 


Words like ’embarrass’ (seventh place) and ‘unnecessary’ (ninth) appear on the list due to their difficult-to-remember single and repeated letters, while the ‘sc’ in ‘conscience’ (eighth) often trips people up. Others like ‘bureaucracy’ (tenth) and ‘maneuver’ (eleventh) are tricky to spell because of the sequence of the vowels in the middle of the word. Controversially, ‘diarrhea’ is included on the list as the fifth most commonly misspelled word. Rounding out the 11-strong list is ‘definitely’ which has common misspellings including ‘definately’, ‘definatly’ and ‘definitley’.


1.   Separate

2.   Zucchini

3.   Questionnaire

4.   Potato

5.   Diarrhea

6.   Definitely

7.   Embarrass

8.   Conscience

9.   Unnecessary

10. Bureaucracy

11. Maneuver