Returning To Normal: Risk Assessment

Michigan’s MLive media group spoke to the following four public health experts in Michigan, asking them to assess the risk various activities pose to spreading coronavirus. The doctors pointed to five factors to consider how risky a given activity might be: Whether it’s inside or outside; proximity to others; exposure time; likelihood of compliance; and personal risk level. Here is their risk assessment of various activities on a scale of 1-10:

– Risk level: 9 – Bars, large music concerts
– Risk level: 8 – Sports stadiums, gyms, amusement parks, churches, buffets
– Risk level: 7 – Basketball, public pools, schools
– Risk level: 6 – Casinos, restaurant indoor seating, playgrounds, hair salons, barbershops, pontoon boat rides, movie theaters
– Risk level: 5 – Dinner parties at a house, airplanes, backyard barbecues, shopping malls, beaches, bowling
– Risk level: 4 – Dentist office, walking in a busy downtown, offices, doctor’s waiting rooms, eating outside a restaurant
– Risk level: 3 – Getting groceries, camping, hotels, golfing, libraries, museums
– Risk level: 2 – Going for a walk, run or bike ride with others, getting gasoline
– Risk level: 1 – Getting takeout from a restaurant, playing tennis