What’s the Least-Sharable Thing You Can Think Of?

Besides “hugs,” “handshakes,” and “masks,” what’s the LEAST sharable thing you can think of? 2,000 people were asked to name the least sharable things in life.  Meaning stuff you might not even share with your significant other.  Here’s the Top 10 . . .

1.  Your underwear.

2.  Your toothbrush.

3.  Razors.

4.  Social media passwords.

5.  Bathrooms.  Like showering when someone else is on the toilet.

6.  Pajamas.

7.  Your phone password.

8.  Your bank account information.  Yes, our phone and Instagram passwords are higher priorities than our banking info now.

9.  Towels.

10.  T-shirts.

(The Sun)