CDC Guidelines For Re-Opening Offices

CDC Guidelines For Re-Opening Offices

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued guidelines for reopening offices. Here are some of the precautions they recommend before you go back to work:

– Ensure that building ventilation systems are operating properly. Open windows and doors, when feasible, to increase circulation of outdoor air as much as possible.

– Identify work or common areas where workers may be less than 6 feet apart

— such as break rooms or meeting rooms, for instance. Modify workspace setups to ensure employees are able to social distance from one another. When this is not possible, the CDC advises to install transparent shields or other physical barriers where possible.

– High-touch items – such as coffee pots and bulk snacks – should be replaced with pre-packaged or single-serving items.

– Daily temperature checks, staggered shifts, and the forbidding of handshaking, hugs, and fist bumps should become the norm.

– Employers should actively encourage employees who have symptoms of COVID-19 or who have a sick family member to notify their supervisor and stay home. (Unless they for work of Amazon or in a meat-packing plant, apparently)