Multitasking Is Making Your Anxiety Worse

Many people who are fortunate enough to be able to work from home during the pandemic are doing so while very, very distracted. The virus has everyone feeling anxious about various things, and being on lockdown with one’s family makes finding distraction-free time to work challenging. This means many are multitasking between trying to get work done and caring for their families. Recently published research suggests that constant multitasking might actually be making your stress and fear worse.

University of Houston researchers wrote, “Individuals who engaged in multitasking appeared significantly sadder than those who did not. Interestingly, sadness tended to mix with a touch of fear in the multitasking [group.]” The experts say the sadness experienced by multitaskers is a result of the heavy mental load of constantly switching tasks, and the fear is likely our faces registering the dread of the next interruption. These hard emotions only arise when interruptions are constant. Luckily, the data also shows that batching together work and home tasks can help by giving you unbroken blocks of time to focus on one or the other—that is, if your toddler will cooperate.  (