Last Names And Old-Fashioned Names Are Rising In Popularity As Middle Names For Boys

Picking a child’s first name comes with a lot of pressure, but there’s generally less of that pressure with middle names. A new trend sees parents giving their boys last names and old-fashioned names for middle names. The Social Security Administration (SSA), which keeps track of baby names, says old-fashioned names such as Archie, Ace, August, Clyde, Gus, Hank, Hugh, Jude, Louis, Sonny, And Theo have risen in popularity as middle names for boys. The same can be said about the last names Beckham, Cooper, Ellis, Emerson, Fletcher, Harrison, Hendrix, Houston, Hudson, Lennon, Monroe, Nixon, Parker, Warren, and Watson—which have also seen an uptick in popularity for use as middle names for boys. Another emerging trend for first names for boys: people choosing an international twist on a name, like picking Luca over Luke. But if you just want to keep up with current trends, the top five first names for baby boys are currently: Liam, Noah, William, James, and Oliver.  (Yahoo)