The Average Person Comes Up with 2,190 Excuses a Year to Avoid Doing Stuff . . . Here Are the Five Most Common

On an average day, how many times do you AVOID doing things?  A new poll found the average American comes up with six excuses a day for avoiding stuff.  That’s 2,190 excuses a year.



Here are the five most common go-to excuses we like to use . . .



1.  “I’m too tired.”


2.  “I can’t really afford it.”


3.  “I don’t have enough time.”


4.  “It’s too much of a hassle.”


5.  “I forgot.”



The survey also asked people to name the top situations that require an excuse.



The most common things that need an excuse are not wanting to run errands . . . not wanting to exercise . . . not wanting to eat healthy . . . and stuff related to social events, like skipping them or showing up late.