Fun “Facts” About Cocktails

Since today is World Cocktail Day, it’s a good time to check out this list of The Top Fun Facts About Cocktails.


  • Thanks to the pandemic, parents of school-age children now call cocktails, “breakfast.”
  • The International Bartenders Association has rules on whether to call a customer “Brother,” “Chief,” or “Boss.”
  • Amazingly, there has yet to be a cocktail named “Asian Murder Hornet.”
  • COVID-19 can’t enjoy a cocktail until it turns COVID-21.
  • The umbrellas used in some tropical cocktails?  That’s a full-size umbrella to Kevin Hart.
  • A gin and tonic can be used to fight malaria and tequila and lime can be used to fight quarantine boredom.
  • Contrary to popular belief, most people who like pina coladas do not enjoy getting caught in the rain.
  • There’s a bar in Canada where you can drink a cocktail that contains a human toe.  And it’s STILL not as disgusting as Michelob Ultra.
  • Having a Bloody Mary is the closest many Americans will ever get to a vegetable.