Things We Know About Murder Hornets

America is a little more on edge because deadly “murder hornets” have arrived in Washington state.  Learn more about them with this list of The Top Things We Know About Murder Hornets.


  • Your uncle who is always on Facebook thinks they were created in a Wuhan lab.
  • They are represented by an agent who is pitching to Hollywood studios “Godzilla vs. Murder Hornets”.
  • Despite their horrible reputation, they’ve only killed a few humans.  Like O.J.!
  • You can avoid antagonizing them in the wild by handing over your wallet and keys.
  • They’ve been spotted wearing T-shirts that say “Straight Outta Osaka.”
  • They have extremely large stingers . . . ladies.
  • There are many ways to get rid of them, including using poison, setting baited traps, and inviting them to your improv show.
  • They refuse to social distance and wear masks.  And they dare you to do something about it!
  • They’re deadlier than their cousins, “grand theft auto hornets.”
  • At this moment, they’re creating quite a BUZZ!