Top Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo During the Pandemic

We won’t let a global health emergency ruin one of the best days of the year.  And neither should you.  So, enjoy today’s list of The Top Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo During the Pandemic.


  • Replace your facemask with a tortilla.   
  • Take a shot of tequila every time your spouse screams, “The SECOND this quarantine is over, I’m filing for divorce!”
  • Take your mind off today’s troubles with a refreshing Mexican beer like Coron . . . oh.  Never mind. 
  • Remind others to social distance by wearing a six-foot sombrero.
  • Well, duh . . . Netflix & Chalupa.
  • Only inject yourself with disinfectant bottles that contain a worm. 
  • Wash your hands for as long as it takes to sing “La Cucaracha” twice.
  • Use a coronavirus test nasal swab to stir your margarita.
  • The same way you always celebrate it, only this time you’re confining the racism to your own home.
  • Make everyone use their own stick on the piñata.
  • If you want to be the single most clever person in your house, refer to the holiday as “Cinco de DRINKO!”
  • Stay six feet away from everyone.  Especially if they just ate Taco Bell