White House Chef Complaints

Being the head chef at the White House is a prestigious position.  However, it also has its downside.  Here are The Top White House Chef Complaints.


  • 80% of the job is warming up Quarter Pounders with Cheese.
  • To get this job, I had to lie about having prior experience . . . at KFC!
  • Safeguarding the knives every time Melania barges into the kitchen muttering something about Stormy Daniels.
  • Is a “hamberder” different from a hamburger, or was he just being sarcastic?
  • When we try to feed Barron veggies, he calls us “fake chefs.”
  • Trump asking if I can make a Clorox smoothie.
  • Who returns a black steak because it’s “undercooked???”
  • Remembering to sprinkle all of the president’s meals in Cheeto dust.
  • Forgetting to set the timer and burning Eric’s fish sticks.
  • Knowing that the only green food the president will tolerate are Shamrock Shakes.
  • Mike Pence losing it when two hot dogs touch on his plate.
  • The fear of getting fired for accidentally serving Trump a vegetable.
  • Half his budget goes to ketchup.