Most Men Stop Reading a Book by Page 50 but Women Are More Likely to Persevere Past Page 100, Study Finds


Data on people’s reading habits found men regularly give up on a book before they reach page 50 while women frequently surpass the 100-page mark. The findings come as eBooks soar in popularity and publishers of traditional paper-based books are left scrabbling for ways to find what readers enjoy.

As well as the discrepancy in the sexes, the report also found only five percent of eBooks are finished by more than 75 percent of readers. And on the flip side, 60 percent of eBooks are finished by just 25 – 50 percent of readers who start them. But the latest findings also reveal TV lovers who binge-watch shows are among those who are likely to stick with a book until the end. In 2016, a separate company called Jellybooks found the 50 – 100 page region is where most people abandon a book. If, however, a person gets past this point, they are then more likely to finish the entire book.