Things Your Boss Shouldn’t Do on Zoom

 We’ve had to transition to Zoom meetings overnight, and not everyone was prepared . . . including your boss.  Here are five things bosses and managers should NOT do on a zoom call . . .


 1.  Look scruffy.  Bosses should dress nice and keep their personal hygiene up.  Looking professional sets an example, and shows respect for staff.

  2.  Hog the call.  Even bosses need to keep comments short and to the point, They also need to pay extra attention to the signs that someone else wants to talk.  So pausing every now and then is a good idea.

  3.  Keep their mic on all the time.  Muting it to keep background noise out is important.  If someone else is giving a long presentation, they might even want to turn their video off so the focus is on the speaker.

  4.  Have a busy, or unprofessional background.  Simple backgrounds are best, especially if you’re the boss.  And virtual backgrounds should be work-appropriate.

  5.  Include too many people in every meeting.  Just because the whole office CAN be on a call, doesn’t mean they should be.  Having a few smaller meetings might be better than one big one.  (Forbes)