NASA Fun “Facts”

 A team of NASA scientists has developed a ventilator tailored for coronavirus in just 37 days.  So we can add that fact to this list of The Top Things You Didn’t Know About NASA.


  • It’s made up of some of the most intelligent human beings on the planet . . . as long as you don’t ask them about girls.
  • TLC, or The Learning Channel, was actually the brainchild of NASA, as a way to test the effect of space travel on dwarfs, the morbidly obese, and people who eat their own hair follicles.
  • A NASA astronaut once snuck a sandwich into space and ate it.  If you think that’s gross, you do NOT want to know where he hid it.
  • Turns out they’re not even as essential as the guy who stocks the TP at Walmart.
  • The first Moon meal consisted of peaches, pineapple, grapes, and other things you ignore in quarantine for Twinkies and weed.
  • NASA astronauts use jetpacks in space to make repairs.  And on land to impress everyone else on their bowling team.
  • Astronauts have left behind bags of feces, vomit, and urine on the Moon, which is why it’s often referred to as “Coachella 2.”
  • Neil Armstrong’s original Moon landing speech was, “Daaayum!  This is crazy, ya’ll!”
  • On January 12th, 1986, one of their scientists tempted fate by daring to go outside with his pocket completely unprotected.
  • Neil Armstrong’s footprint is still on the Moon, though it’s kind of weird it says “Skechers.”
  • NASA spacesuits are made of the same Teflon-coated microfibers as Donald Trump’s hair.
  • Employees who can’t make the Vulcan hand symbol are relentlessly bullied.