Why People with Great Sex Lives Are More Likely to Cheat

Researchers at Florida State University and Northwestern University asked 233 newlyweds to complete multiple surveys over a three-and-a half-year period. The most surprising finding from this research was that being sexually satisfied in one’s marriage actually increased the odds of committing infidelity-a finding that was true for men and women alike. The people who were happiest with their sex lives actually cheated at higher rates, and there are all kinds of theories as to why.


One theory: The study authors suggest the possibility that people who have the most positive attitudes toward sex to begin with are more likely to cheat. So perhaps they’re cheating simply because they’re the most interested in sex overall.


That newlywed study pointed to another surprising predictor of infidelity: physical attractiveness. You might think that being more attractive would give someone more chances to cheat, but that’s not what they found. Among women, those who were deemed more attractive were actually less likely to cheat, while those who were less attractive were more likely to cheat.


Meanwhile, whether men cheated had nothing to do with how good-looking they were, but it did matter how attractive they thought their partner was. Men (but not women) were more likely to cheat if they thought their partner was less attractive.