Signs You Might Be a Couch Potato

Couch potatoes who can’t stop watching TV now have the perfect get-out – it’s all in their genes. A large-scale UK study suggests that some people are simply hard-wired to sit and watch television. Those who watch more than the average 2 hours 48 minutes a day have genetic quirks in common – and so do those who spend a lot of leisure time in front of their computer or who drive for long periods. Researchers asked 422,218 people aged 40 to 69 how many hours a day they watched TV. They found 145 genetic variations for watching more than the average viewer.


  • You filled your navel with sour cream because you’re too lazy to get a bowl
  • There are slugs in your backyard getting more exercise than you are
  • You haven’t moved from the couch since the Super Bowl – Super Bowl XIII
  • Your blood-mayonnaise level is 0.783
  • On your job application–yeah right! WHAT job application?
  • You’ve been named Domino’s Customer of the Year 11 years running
  • At this point, you’re really half man, half divan
  • For your 40th birthday you asked for a 35-oz. jar of cheese balls and adult diapers
  • You dialed 911 because the remote was out of reach