Americans Think You’re “Officially Old” Once You Hit This Age

You’re officially old at age 57, according to new research. A survey of 2,000 Americans pinpointed the age at which people consider themselves old and revealed it to be a few years before the big six-oh. More than just looking at what age is “old,” the survey also delved into respondents’ worries as they age and found there’s more to think about than just gray hair and wrinkles.


Americans’ top concerns as they age:


1.   Overall health: 39 percent

2.   Wrinkles: 36 percent

3.   Weight gain: 36 percent

4.   Gray hair: 35 percent

5.   Hair loss: 34 percent

6.   Not being able to take care of themselves: 34 percent

7.   Age spots: 34 percent

8.   Being seen as “old”: 33 percent

9.   Financial security: 33 percent

10.Losing their independence: 19 percent