Most Americans Agree That Knowing How to Cook Is a Turn-On

If you’ve not had much luck in the dating scene, you may want to boost your culinary skills. New research has revealed 86 percent of Americans find cooking to be a total turn-on. The study of 2,000 Americans found 71 percent said cooking is their love language.


Two in three Americans polled agreed they would be more likely to go on a first date with somebody if they mentioned they’re a good cook on their dating profile. An additional four in five said if a first date talked about how they liked to cook, they’d be much more open to a second date with them.


According to the results, the most surefire way to somebody’s heart is to cook them a meal – beating out flowers, phone calls and even presents as the best way to impress a romantic partner. And you can skip the fancy night out at a restaurant – nearly double the number of respondents say they prefer home-cooked meal for a date.


Almost two-thirds said they’ve learned to cook or tried to get better at cooking to impress a date or partner. Funnily enough, one in three Americans have actually tried to pass off store-bought food as their own cooking in an attempt to impress a date.