Coronavirus Dreams

Are you having coronavirus dreams? Maybe you don’t even know it. Anxiety about the pandemic can infiltrate your subconcious and appear in various forms in your dreams. The Huffington Post asked “dream experts” what some common dreams mean with regard to coronavirus:

1. Dreams About Public Gatherings: This suggests the dreamer is preoccupied with how COVID-19 will affect people en mass. If, in the dream, you are not wearing pants or are naked, that means your feel vulnerable.

2. Missing Snacks, or Looking For Food: These dreams are related to feelings of being deprived, depleted and unrewarded.

3. A Mysterious Figure: This means the virus has taken visible form in your mind.

4. A Return To Childhood: You’re looking for a solution to your anxiety and going back to childhood gives you feelings of being cocooned by your parents.

5. Survivalist, Pop Culture-Inspired Dreams: You dream you’re in a TV show, like Walking Dead or Hunger Games. Your dreams are playing out survival scenarios in a bid to maintain hope, preparedness and stability.