What’s a Random Stat You Wish You Knew About Yourself?

Someone on Reddit asked people to name some random stats they wish they knew about themselves, but never will.  Here a few we liked . . .


 1.  Potential dates.  How many people have had a crush on you, and you never knew it?

 2.  Photobombs.  How many times you’ve been in the background of a random person’s photo.  If you ever worked near a tourist trap, it might be a lot.

  3.  What percentage of your life have you forgotten?  Including your early childhood, and memories that just didn’t stick.  (Plus all those times you got black-out drunk.)

  4.  How often other people think about you.  Like, how many times per day, total?  

  5.  How many times you’ve met someone without realizing you’d already met.  Like, maybe you passed your future spouse on the street 20 years ago.

  6.  Death stats.  How many times you’ve almost DIED without realizing it.  And how many murderers you’ve met.

  7.  Gift-giving success.  The number of times people liked or hated your gifts.

  8.  Your impact on people.  How many lives you’ve influenced, positive or negative.  And how many times your advice has actually helped someone.  (Reddit)