Over Half of Americans Are Dreading Spring Cleaning This Year

The average American will spend 57 days of their life cleaning, according to new research. The study of 2,000 people found the average respondent spends 26 minutes cleaning a week ‒ or 1,342 minutes a year. That’s not to say people are scrubbing away all hours of the day. The average American does a thorough clean every three weeks – with some going even longer than that. Results found one in 10 will go six weeks or more between cleans, while three in five confessed they only do a complete top-to-bottom clean in the spring and right before the holiday season. The survey revealed 55 percent of Americans polled think spring cleaning is their most dreaded time of year. Some would go to extreme lengths to avoid giving their home a rigorous wipe-down.

 Rather do than spring clean:

 1.   Go to the DMV: 34 percent

2.   Run a mile: 34 percent

3.   Read Moby Dick: 31 percent

4.   Get a bad haircut: 22 percent

5.   Eat PB every day for lunch: 16 percent