Tips for Celebrating Easter While Quarantined at Home

Easter is on Sunday, but things are a bit different this year as we deal with the coronavirus outbreak.  Here are five tips to help you celebrate while staying home . . .

  1.  Let the kids decorate the house.  It’ll get them involved and give them something to do before Easter Sunday.

 2.  Attend a virtual Easter service.  Churches across the country are moving their services online this year because of coronavirus.  So check your church’s website to see if they have a virtual option this year.

 3.  Do Easter brunch online.  Even if your extended family can’t be together on Sunday, you can still check in with them on Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype.

  4.  Get creative with the Easter egg hunt.  Big community Easter egg hunts might be cancelled this year, but you can still decorate eggs and search for them in your yard or throughout your house.

  5.  Embrace the spirit of Easter.  With so many people suffering right now, it’s a good time to reflect on things we’re grateful for.  Also, consider donating to a nonprofit organization helping with COVID-19 relief efforts, or supporting a small business with the money you would’ve spent on Easter brunch at a restaurant. (USA Today)