The Rudest Things You Can Do as a Neighbor During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As Americans practice social distancing to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, people are spending most of their time at home. Whether you’re in a crowded apartment building or a more spaced-out suburban area, this is a time to be especially mindful of neighbor etiquette.

 ·        Disregarding Noise Levels. You might love to get up early and start your day with a Zoom Zumba class. Doing Zumba before dawn was fine when you went to the gym, but now that you are Zumba-ing at home, it may present a problem when your floor is someone else’s ceiling. Try to reduce the amount of noise you’re making, especially at very late and early hours. This applies to apartment buildings, as well as suburban homes.

 ·        Littering Used Gloves, Wipes and Masks. Apparently, there are some who still need reminding, littering during a pandemic is still littering. It’s important to dispose of such used items in trash cans.

 ·        Disrespecting Personal Space. Neighbors should be mindful of each other’s space and adhere to public health guidelines about distance. This can be challenging, especially for people living in closer quarters like apartment buildings. The same goes for elevators. Let your neighbors take elevator rides alone and don’t take offense if someone chooses to wait for a later one rather than join you.

 ·        Not Picking Up After Your Dog. In addition to littering, many people seem to have forgotten the rules when it comes to picking up after their dogs.

 ·        Stealing Your Neighbor’s Wi-Fi. As most people are working from home, home Wi-Fi networks are getting overloaded. If you’re in the habit of using a someone else’s Wi-Fi without their consent, this may be the time to reconsider that choice.

 ·        Scowling. Times are stressful, but a little kindness goes a long way. With that in mind, refrain from scowling at neighbors you see when you’re outside home. It’s important that you smile and say hello more than ever.