16 Social Distancing Movies

Are you KILLING IT in social isolation . . . or is it KILLING YOU to not be out with your friends, family, and the rest of society?

  Collider.com has a list of 16 social distancing movies . . . ones with, quote, “stories which force protagonists into survivalist scenarios, separate them from the pack, test their mettle against otherworldly circumstances . . .

  “And remind us that going it alone as you live in a self-quarantine or social-distancing scenario DOESN’T have to be scary.”  They take some liberties with the concept, but it’s better than yet another list of Netflix recommendations or something like that.  Here’s the list:

  “A Quiet Place”“The Lighthouse”“Bird Box”“The Happening”“The Revenant”“Gravity”“I Am Legend”“Cast Away” (starring COVID-19 survivor Tom Hanks), “Into the Wild”“The Village”“Starfish”, the 2004 “Dawn of the Dead”  remake, “The Witch”“Sweetheart”“Ad Astra”, and “Hush”.

  (All the movies listed above are either streaming on Netflix or Hulu, or are available to rent on Amazon Prime.)