The Ten Most Satisfying DIY Projects

This is great timing, because we actually have time to do this stuff right now.  A new survey looked at the most satisfying do-it-yourself projects.  And the two categories that dominated were painting and yardwork.  Here are the top ten . . .


1.  Planting things in your yard.

2.  Mowing the lawn.

3.  When IKEA furniture slots perfectly into place.

4.  Pulling weeds, because it immediately makes your property look better.

5.  Power-washing your patio, or the outside of your house.

6.  Painting with a roller.

7.  Hanging a picture so it’s perfectly level.

8.  Painting a fence.

9.  Putting on the FINAL layer of paint.

10.  Oiling a squeaky hinge.


A few more that made the top 20 include pulling wallpaper . . . getting a hedge perfectly trimmed . . . anything that involves hammering nails into wood . . . and demolition, like using a sledgehammer to smash down a wall.  (SWNS)