Should You Wear Contacts or Glasses During the Outbreak?

Here’s something you might have thought about if you wear contact lenses.  Is it safer to wear contacts or glasses during the outbreak?

  The short answer is there’s no real proof that glasses offer any TRUE protection from it.  We’re still not even sure if the virus can ENTER through your eyes.  The jury’s still out.

  But here’s why you might want to opt for glasses anyway.  Experts say it discourages you from TOUCHING YOUR FACE.

  A spokesman for the American Academy of Ophthalmology talked about it in an interview.  And apparently we touch our face a lot less when we’re wearing glasses than when we’re not.

  Yes, you touch your glasses too when you take them on and off, or adjust them.  So it’s not foolproof.  But overall, he says there’s less eye-rubbing, face-scratching, and face-touching when you have glasses on.

 Again though, the most important thing to do right now is wash your hands as much as possible.  So whether you opt for glasses or contacts, just don’t get lazy.  (CNN / AOA)