Fun Things to Ask Your Family Members While You’re Quarantining Together

Are you spending this weird time with your family either virtually, IRL, or a mix of both! If you usually only see your fam (from parents to grandparents to young nieces and nephews) every once in a while, you may be running out of things to talk about. Here are some questions to ask them!


·        What did you actually do before the internet and cell phones? What if you were meeting someone somewhere and had to cancel or were running late – how would you tell them? What did you do when you were bored?

·        Have you ever seen a ghost, or had some kind of strange experience you couldn’t explain?

·        Did you have pets growing up? What kind, and what were their names?

·        Have you ever met a celebrity? Or spotted one out and about?

·        Do you have any weird talents? Can you curl your tongue or are you double-jointed?

·        What is the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?

·        Ask them to play Two Truths and a Lie so you can see how well you really know each other, and you can learn some fun facts along the way.

·        Who is your celebrity crush?

·        Who would play you in a movie?

·        Would you ever be willing to be on a reality show, and if so, which one?

·        What was your worst fashion faux-pas? And/or, what’s your favorite outfit you’ve ever worn?