Dumbest Quarantine Fights

Someone on Twitter asked people, “What’s the dumbest fight you and your significant other or roommate have gotten into since being trapped inside together?” Some of the responses:

– “I got really angry over the suggestion that we should throw away the giant flour tortillas that have been in the fridge for two weeks.”
– “He brought me coffee in the mug that I hate.”
– “My boyfriend told me the white cheddar Cheetos he bought were solely for his consumption and proceeded to put them on the highest rack in our pantry.”
– “I poured myself a bowl of cereal with some lactose-free milk. Fiancé freaks out and tells me I have to drink from the two massive gallons of whole milk he insisted on buying since they will go bad soon. I am lactose intolerant. I don’t know who that milk is for.”
– “Why did you put this 38lb bag of dog food on top of this bin? Now I can’t get anything out of it!” / “Do you need something out of there?” / “No but I might.”
– “Exactly how high to fill the kiddie pool for the dogs.”
– “My wife says, ‘Hey, baby. How are you?’ every time one of us enters the same room…we have a 1 bedroom apartment.”
– “Apparently, I underfill the ice cube trays.”