How to Work from Home with Your Partner and NOT Get Divorced!

1. Establish your physical ‘work boundaries.’ While some have the luxury of a desk each, not everyone has the space or budget to incorporate this. Sitting at the kitchen table together could result in tensions created by a clash of laptops, phones and paperwork. Couples should outline which areas in the home, such as the kitchen table, bedroom or lounge could be used as a work space.


2. Create date nights. Putting the spark back into your relationship while at home can be tough, especially while in close proximity every day. Couples should inject an element of surprise into their relationship by complimenting each other, cooking dinner and taking pride in appearance.


3. Take breaks away from each other. Spending 24/7 with a partner could cause tiny issues to become magnified while in each other’s company. Personal space is key to ensuring you are not suffocated while isolating at home. Take sufficient breaks from your partner which could include a bath or reading a book.


4. Communicating how you feel. Self-isolating can lead people to feel bored, agitated and even frustrated as they have no option but to remain at home. Tell your partner how you’re feeling. Saying, “I’m feeling a bit frustrated, I need a moment to myself”, is going to allow your partner to understand you better, and not assume you are annoyed at them. Also, make sure to ask them how they are and check in with them.


5.  Being grateful. Acknowledging when your partner does something thoughtful could make for a happier working and living environment. Small acts of kindness such as emptying the dishwasher, giving a compliment and being flexible with each other could offer support during a time of uncertainty.