How To Not Overeat While Self-Quarantining

Now that people are hanging at home, it’s very easy to overeat. So, how to stop the food stress-snacking cycle? Tatiana Boncompagni, a healthy-eating expert, has some suggestions:

– Try to create some structure to your eating. Plan times to eat, plan your meals, plan your portions. Have a cutoff time for eating, to curtail grazing.

– Eat as many vegetables as you can. If you load up on those first, she says, you will have less room to fill up on junk. And even if you eat lousy stuff later, at least you know you ate some healthy stuff, too.

– Don’t eat out of the pot or the package or the bag. Always eat on a plate. If you have to stand up to get a refill, you might decide not to bother standing up at all.