Tips on Working from Home

The coronavirus is causing some companies to require that employees work from home.  We can help make that transition easier with this list of The Top Working From Home Tips.


  • Avoid family, friends, or pets.  Okay, in your case:  pets.
  • Listen to music.  But not Men at Work.  Because that’s ironic.
  • Pair your Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt with smart sweatpants to keep things professional.
  • Build a permanent workspace inside your couch cushion fort.
  • Take short breaks from the computer so you don’t get those weird bags under your eyes like Vince Vaughn.
  • Make sure your conference call isn’t accidentally a videoconference before you start clipping your toenails.
  • Buy comfortable office furniture.  But not a footrest.  That’s what kids are for.
  • Don’t let friends drop by.  Limit the number of people knocking at your front door during work hours to just your dealer.
  • To make your workday identical to one in your office . . . fill your coffee cup with vodka.
  • Don’t work in front of the TV.  And, since you haven’t dusted back there in years, also avoid working behind it.