Excuses for Being Late to Work This Morning

Losing an hour Sunday with Daylight Saving Time tends to throw our body clocks off.   Which puts that near the top of today’s list of The Top Excuses for Being Late to Work This Morning.



  • You fell for one of those Internet hoaxes called “coronavirus.”
  • Let’s just say this toilet paper shortage is REALLY becoming a problem.
  • You drive very slowly when you’re texting.
  • Choking the barista at Starbucks for writing your name wrong on your drink took longer than expected.
  • Someone at CVS stabbed you in the head over the last bottle of Purell.
  • You had to drive back to your house because you forgot your thermos of vodka, uh, I mean, coffee.
  • You were low on gas.  So, you had to stop to siphon your neighbor’s.
  • Even though you’re a millennial, being “woke” doesn’t apply to mornings.
  • You’re not a morning person.  Or afternoon person.  Or evening person.  Basically, you’re a loser.
  • Your company needs to be reminded how stupid it was to hire you.
  • You’re not late for work today . . . you’re early for work tomorrow!