Signs You’re Too Told to Play Captain Kirk

If you are waiting for Star Trek legend William Shatner to make an appearance as Captain Kirk in a new film or TV series based on the original franchise, don’t hold your breath. With Star Trek: Picard on CBS All Access giving new life to Patrick Stewart’s titular character, a fan asked Shatner if he would consider a series based on Kirk. “No,” he tweeted back. “I think Kirk’s story is pretty well played out at this point.”


  • You asked the studio for a Craftmatic command chair
  • You keep calling your cellphone a “communicator”
  • Bones” has to keep reminding you about your LDL
  • You were born on Stardate 1165
  • You keep entering the transporter room and forgetting what you came in for
  • The “captain’s log” could use a lot more fiber
  • Making the Vulcan salute? Not with your arthritis!
  • You’ve had more colonoscopies than Chris Pine has had birthdays
  • Your old enough to remember when “the Final Frontier” was California
  • Your “Five Year Mission” is to live five more years