How To Stock Your Kitchen For The Coronavirus Era

The threat of the novel coronavirus has people around the world being asked to take social distancing measures. Sometimes people just work from home, and sometimes it means going into isolation for 14 days. With more cases of the disease popping up across the U.S., Americans might have to do some form of social distancing. So you might want to start getting some essentials in your pantry, just in case.

The government suggests having a two-week supply of food and water ready for all emergencies, including pandemics. A professor of environmental and health sciences at the University of Washington, Yona Sipos, says, “It would be wise for everybody across the country…to have a goal of having three days of food on hand in case an emergency arises.” She suggests stocking up on canned foods such as canned beans, canned tomatoes, and jars of tomato sauce and paste, among other things. She says canned coconut milk, canned meats such as Spam, and tinned fish like anchovies and tuna are also good to have.

You’ll also want some long-lasting, shelf-stable dry goods such as crackers, nut butters, tahini, dried fruits, cereal, granola bars, and oils. Frozen vegetables are also good to have on hand, and even frozen shrimp or frozen fruits like berries and mango. It’s also food to have foods like pasta, dried beans, grains, nuts, hot cereal, coffee, and tea on hand. Some non-essentials that might be nice to have include shelf-stable jarred salsa, bags of tortilla chips or pickles, and chocolate.

Other tips: shop for your emergency stash with a strategy in mind, eat the food you already have that can spoil first, and remember that certain foods you might have can be frozen to extend their lives. (Yahoo)