Talking Politics Is Riskier Than Ever

It’s Super Tuesday, when about a third of the Democratic primary delegates are up for grabs.  And a new survey found talking politics might be riskier than ever . . .


 71% of Americans now say they’ve had at least one political discussion that’s harmed a relationship with a friend, family member, or colleague.  That’s up almost THIRTY PERCENT from 2016 when only 42% said it was true.

  Here are five more quick stats on why people avoid talking politics . . .

  1.  55% of us have had at least one political discussion that involved “verbal attacks, insults, or name-calling.”  Up from 41% four years ago.

  2.  69% say talking politics has caused them to lose respect for someone.

  3.  57% have unfriended someone on social media because of their political views.  And 23% have unfriended someone in real life.

  4.  38% have avoided someone at work, or in social situations.

  5.  18% of us have avoided at least one of our relatives around the holidays, because we don’t agree with their politics. (VitalSmarts)