Home Decor Mistakes

Do you have things in your home, like furniture and decorations? Boy, are you stupid. From LivingALot.com, here are Home Decor Mistakes That Make You Look Immature:

– A “Live, Laugh, Love” Sign
– Any “Keep Calm and (Drink Wine, Carry On, Party On, Live Your Dreams, etc.) signs
– Chalkboard Paint on a wall
– Posters
– Neon Colors
– Plastic Drawers
– IKEA furniture
– Plastic dishware
– Oversized floor pillows
– Bare floors
– Photos without frames, stuck on the wall or a corkboard
– Futon
– Particle board furniture
– A cluttered refrigerator door
– Fake plants or trees
– Trophy displays
– Macrame’
– Dream catchers
– Stuffed animals
– Hanging tapestry
– Beer bottle collections

So basically, you should decorate your home like a prison cell…This story brought to you buy the Association to Keep Buying New Stuff.