Kids Eat More Calories In Post-Game Snacks Than They Burn During The Game

Organized sports are a great way for kids to burn off some calories and get active, but the snacks the kids eat after those games need to be better considered by parents. Brigham Young University researchers found that the number of calories kids consume in post-game snacks far exceeds the number of calories they actually burn playing the game. Senior study author, Professor Lori Spruance and her team found kids typically burned 170 calories per game, while the average intake from post-game snacks was 213 calories, and the average amount of sugar consumed was 26.4 grams. That’s alarming when the daily recommendation for kids is just 25 grams of sugar. Spruance adds, “So many kids are at games just to get their treat afterwards, which really isn’t helping to develop healthy habits long term.”